Beverly Institute of Arts

Art piece I selected.
The banner stone.

My reasons for choosing this piece.
I chose this piece because I like art that was wight for a weapon, it's made from stone stone things are pretty cool. And it's related to a bunch of things.

My art buddy and I compared our pieces of art to find similarities and differences. Click here to read my comparison paper.

Next, we wrote a speech to present to peers and chaperones while on our field trip to the D.I.A. Take a minute to listen to my speech.

While at the museum, found other pieces of art that had similarities to the piece I researched.
Daniels group 026.jpg

While in Mr. Fink's art class, I recreated my piece of art using my own ideas and talents.

Comments on this project:
What I like about this project is all the other arts related to my banner stone at the D.I.A. And I liked doing the work on the wiki, plus I liked remaking it.