Beverly Institute of Arts

I chose Manet II, which is painted by Sam Gilliam.

Manet II.jpg

I chose this art piece because it was very colorful and it was very fun because it was so unique.

My art buddy and I compared our pieces of art to find similarities and differences. Click here to read my comparison paper.

Next, we wrote a speech to present to peers and chaperones while on our field trip to the DIA. Take a minute to listen to my speech.

While at the museum, found other pieces of art that had similarities to the piece I chose.look_alike1.JPGlook_alike2.JPGlook_alike3.JPG

While in Mr. Fink's art class, I recreated my piece of art using my own ideas and talents.


Comments on this project:
I enjoyed this because we weren't just going to write our speeches and say them in front of the class, but we got to say them at the DIA and in front of the actual art piece!